Neuer CEO bei Expedia ist bestimmt

Die Nachfolge von Dara Khosrowshahi ist geklärt: Auf den scheidenden CEO, welcher bekanntlich zu Uber wechselt, folgt Mark Okerstrom. Der bisherige CFO, seit elf Jahren im Unternehmen, wurde in einem reibungslosen Nachfolgeprozess zum neuen President & CEO von Expedia Inc. ernannt. Laut dem Chairman von Expedia, Barry Diller, habe es gar keine anderen Kandidaten gegeben.

Okerstrom ist sich bewusst, dass eine grosse Aufgabe auf ihn zukommt, zumal Expedia weiterhin am Ziel arbeitet, das erste Tourismusunternehmen weltweit zu sein, dessen Marktwert auf über 100 Milliarden Dollar geschätzt wird. Er schrieb zu seinem Amtsantritt folgende Worte an die Expedia-Mitarbeitenden:

«Team Expedia,

Well well! These have been an eventful few days haven’t they!

By now I am sure that you have seen the news that I have accepted the role of President & CEO of Expedia, Inc.  Having worked side by side with Dara for the past (nearly) 11 years, I know better than most the size of his shoes – big!  He is a strong, visionary leader, has been a great mentor to many of us (me included), and I count him as a real friend.  Somehow saying the standard “Please join me in thanking Dara and wishing him the best of luck in his new role” doesn’t quite cut it, does it?!  So let me just express (on behalf of all of us), a heartfelt thanks to Mr. Dara Khosrowshahi for the tremendous legacy he has left us all.  Uber is a very fortunate company.

Looking forward, let me start by saying that I am honored and humbled to have been entrusted to lead this great company of ours through its next phase of growth.  We find ourselves in the enviable but equally daunting spot of being in a stronger position than perhaps we have ever been.  Yet, we face competitive pressures as fierce as ever and see so much opportunity for improvement and growth ahead.  Go Global, Go Faster, and Simply Do Better for Customers, Partners, Employees and Shareholders.  So much more left for us to do together!

So what can you expect from me and for Expedia, Inc., going forward?  In short, I would assume largely a continuation of the strategic course we have been on.  I have been intimately involved in shaping the strategic and financial direction of this company for the past 11 years, so I actually do not have a long list of “Things to do completely differently when Dara leaves” burning a hole in my pocket. What I do have is a passion for listening, for learning, and for organizational and self-improvement.  I have a deep curiosity for understanding how we can continue to be a better tech company and most importantly how we can more aggressively innovate to provide even more valuable products and services to our customers and partners alike.  So in the near term…you will probably see me asking a lot of questions, listening and no doubt making a few mistakes here and there (apologies in advance). 

I am fortunate to be surrounded by the strongest Travel Leadership Team I have ever seen at Expedia, Inc., and objectively one of the strongest and deepest executive teams out there.  The entire TLT, without exception is an extraordinarily committed bunch, who are all in this for the long haul.  That said, though we are proud of how far we have come over the past decade plus, in true Expedia fashion, I can assure you that we are all hungry to be better….to truly reach the moving goal posts of realizing our full potential as a company.  I believe in this company and I believe in you – I always have.  And I know from watching Expedians in action over the years that, together, when we chart a clear course, stay focused and execute – we are a force to be reckoned with in the world of technology and travel. 

I look forward to speaking with you all soon and I am super excited for this next chapter.  Thank you in advance for continuing to make Expedia such a special place.