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Tenerife to get an island-wide railway network

A well-developed railway network is to be built on the Canary Island of Tenerife. The mega project is expected to cost almost 5.5 billion francs. The lines are to be put into operation in stages.

To alleviate the chronic traffic jams on its roads, Tenerife is planning huge investments in its railway infrastructure. Government representatives have set themselves the goal of building an island-wide railway network with several lines. The project is estimated to cost the equivalent of almost 5.5 billion francs.
If everything goes according to plan, the new network should be completed by 2045, according to the «Express» It is planned that each of the trains will be able to transport around 450 passengers and reach a maximum speed of 220 kilometres per hour.

Work is scheduled to begin by the end of the current legislative period, i.e. in 2027. The plan is to implement the mega project in stages. "Instead of needing four billion euros upfront, we are discussing sections that require 300 or 400 million euros, which will make it more financially feasible," said Pablo Rodriguez, Regional Councillor for Public Works and Mobility.

Although some plans are yet to be confirmed, a lot is already known about the planned routes. One link will serve the east coast of the island. A second route is planned along the TF-5 motorway corridor, with high-speed trains between Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Los Realejos. A third connection is planned between Icod de los Vino and Adeje.