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DJ Tanja La Croix loves to switch off and relax on holiday. Picture: zVg

«I fell asleep on the shoulder of my strange seat neighbour»

DJ Tanja La Croix tells us why a faulty mobile phone gave her the best holiday of her life, why she has been to Greece almost 60 times and how she says thank you after a flight when she is back on the ground in one piece.

That's where my next journey will take me:

Next, I'm going to explore Antiparos. I've never been to this island before. It's supposed to be like Mykonos 20 years ago. I love the authentic places in Greece because I can go inside myself there and connect with myself. I've been to Greece almost 60 times.

It's my favourite way to fly:

Every journey with Edelweiss is a pleasure for me. The warm welcome when boarding, the attentive care during the flight, the great atmosphere among the crew and - not forgetting - the delicious Appenzeller Biberli always make me feel welcome and in good hands.

These holidays are unforgettable:

During a stay in Mykonos, my mobile phone froze. Left with only the silence, I finally found peace from the addiction of constantly staring at my screen and being bombarded with information. In those days without my smartphone, I noticed things more intensely, more vibrantly, and more mindfully. I paid attention to the little details I would have otherwise missed. Time passed more slowly, and I felt completely present, truly living in the moment.

This is the most beautiful beach I've ever been to:

Fig Tree Beach in Protaras on Cyprus is almost as beautiful as a beach in the Maldives.

I always have these things with me:

Lip & Eye Booster, my headphones, a USB stick and a sketchbook.

This is my special travelling ritual:

Before every take-off, I take a moment to think and pray. Just as I do when we land, when we are safely back on the ground.

I always book via:

Either via Booking or directly with the hotel. I like the personal contact.

That was my biggest travelling mishap:

After a week of DJing, partying and little sleep, I fell asleep on the shoulder of the person sitting next to me on the plane back to Zurich and drooled on his shirt.