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According to holiday home specialist Interhome, Luxembourg is the perfect place for workation in Europe. Image: Adobe Stock

These are the best workation destinations in Europe

Where is the perfect place for work and holidays under one roof? The new Workation Index from Interhome now reveals the top destinations in Europe. Luxembourg tops the list. Swiss cities fare poorly.

Starting the day with motivated work at a desk with a picturesque view and then exploring new horizons, relaxing, or seeking adventure – workation is more popular than ever. Interhome, the specialist in holiday home rentals, has investigated which urban destinations in Europe offer the best conditions for workation as part of the 2024 Workation-Index.

Luxembourg, in the heart of Europe, came in first place as the ideal city for workation. According to a statement from Interhome, the city-state impresses with its unspoilt nature, beautiful hiking and cycling trails and a cosy city centre. All public transport is also free of charge.

Valencia follows in second place with a clear victory in the sunshine category. Boasting excellent weather all year round, relaxed enjoyment on one of the popular terraces or inspiring hours in one of the seven art museums - Valencia opens up fascinating perspectives for combining work and vacation.

The Hague, another city by the sea, takes third place. The seat of government of the Netherlands scores best in terms of safety and health. The beach in Scheveningen offers many leisure activities, while numerous escape rooms provide excitement. The wide range of art on offer is particularly attractive from a cultural perspective.

Swiss cities at the bottom of the rankings

The Swiss cities analysed in the Workation Index, Geneva and Zurich, were not really convincing and were ranked 43rd and 55th respectively.

Zurich tops the list of 65 cities with the highest purchasing power. Zurich is also well ahead in second place for the quality of its electricity supply. The city is in fifth place for safety and twelfth place for healthcare and cleanliness.

However, the rather mediocre climate (38), high housing costs (48) and transport (62) account for the drop. In addition, the cost of cinema tickets and public transport is high, which also has a negative impact on Zurich's ranking in the Workation Index.

In terms of purchasing power, Geneva is just behind Zurich in second place. Geneva ranks eighth in terms of the quality of electricity supply and healthcare, and is in the middle of the field (29th place) in terms of safety.

The climate could be better (34), and housing costs are also high in Geneva (47). On the other hand, the city performs significantly better in terms of transport (26) than Zurich (62). Although cinema tickets, beer, public transport and fitness passes are expensive, they do not cost quite as much as in Zurich.