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Lavaux is considered one of the most beautiful regions in Switzerland. Picture: ST

Off to the vineyard!

"Grape Escapes" is the name of Switzerland Tourism's latest product. A campaign in collaboration with Swiss Wine Promotion aims to raise awareness of the wine-growing regions as unique and attractive holiday destinations.

Sunny slopes by the water, historic wine-growing villages and the enchanting patterns of the vineyards - wine-growing regions are among the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world. Swiss wine-growing regions such as Lavaux, Chablais, Mendrisiotto and the Bündner Herrschaft are also scenic gems whose charm is not just for wine lovers.

A special kind of accommodation

Wine tourism is much more than just buying from local winegrowers. With the "Grape Escapes" product, Switzerland Tourism (ST) and Swiss Wine Promotion (SWP) want to emphasise accommodation and the experience.

According to the two organisations, the allure of wine tourism lies not only in the picturesque landscape, but also in the personal connections with the local community and the warmly run accommodation.

From May to the end of October 2024, the "Grape Escapes" campaign will present and advertise 60 accommodations - from vineyard cottages to boutique hotels - including a rustic Räbhüsli in the vineyards of Morbio Inferiore, a bubble hotel with a starry view surrounded by the vines of Ittingen Charterhouse and a bike safari through the vineyards of north-eastern Switzerland on a e-bike.

What all the accommodations have in common is that they are located in the wine-growing area or even in the middle of the vineyard and have a close connection to viticulture in the region. The Landingpage  offers a centralised overview. Bookings are made directly with the respective provider.

Wine tourism has potential

The "Grape Escapes" campaign aims to put the spotlight on wine-growing regions and their tourism offerings, targeting both Swiss guests—who have increasingly been spending their holidays domestically since the coronavirus pandemic—and international visitors

"Internationally, Switzerland is particularly famous for its chocolate, watches and mountains," says Nicolas Joss, Managing Director of SWP. "With Grape Escapes and the collaboration with ST, we also want to publicise Swiss wines with the help of unique experiences."

Numerous initiatives are therefore planned in the various markets, including a wine event in Brussels together with the restaurant guide "Le Fooding", an article in the Brazilian travel magazine "Unquiet" and a visit by a German influencer couple to Monte Carasso near Bellinzona.

In line with its current strategy, ST is also using "Grape Escapes" campaign to better manage guest flows both spatially and seasonally, says Director Martin Nydegger. "With its focus on spring and autumn, the current campaign is helping to expand the tourism offering in Switzerland all year round."