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A Swiss city also appears among the most crowded travel destinations in the world. Image: SB / Events

This Swiss city is one of the most crowded travel destinations in the world

Many Swiss people use the spring to take a city break. A new study now shows which places are particularly crowded. One of the most crowded destinations is a Swiss city.

Travelling can sometimes turn sour. You've had a city on your bucket list for ages, and finally, you make it to your dream destination. Yet, upon arrival, you're met with a harsh reality: the city, while stunning, is overwhelmingly crowded. Your sightseeing excursion feels more like navigating a maze of people.

Now analysts from the holiday home agency Deluxe Holiday Homes analysed which cities can be particularly crowded. For the ranking, they took into account the annual number of visitors, the area of the respective city and the number of inhabitants. They put these values in relation to each other.

Paris is more crowded than anywhere else

Paris has secured the inglorious title of the most crowded city in the world. With 351,429 visitors per square kilometre and a visitor-to-inhabitant ratio of 1708 percent, the French capital is more crowded than anywhere else.

A familiar picture: crowded streets in Paris. Picture: Pixabay

Bern follows in second place. The federal city has a population-to-visitor ratio of 3279 per cent. This is by far the highest figure of all the destinations analysed. The only reason Bern (85,045 people per square kilometre) is not in first place is because Paris has significantly more visitors per square kilometre.

In third place is the US metropolis of Chicago. There, too, the ratio of inhabitants to visitors (1813 percent) is higher than in Paris, but the number of visitors per square kilometre is significantly lower (81,500). New York and Stockholm follow in second place.

These are the top ten most crowded cities:

  1. Paris
  2. Bern
  3. Chicago
  4. New York
  5. Stockholm
  6. Amsterdam
  7. Budapest
  8. Los Angeles
  9. Rome
  10. Bucharest