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In Antalya, scammers and aggressive street vendors lie in wait for tourists. Picture: Adobe Stock

Trouble with aggressive traders in Antalya

In the southern Turkish tourist stronghold of Antalya, dubious traders and fraudsters are harassing foreign holidaymakers. The tourism industry fears a loss of image for the city and is calling on the authorities to take action.

Scammers and aggressive traders have spread across the tourist hotspots in the Turkish Mediterranean metropolis of Antalya. As soon as tourists leave their hotels or buses, they are approached immediately.

According to the newspaper «Hürriyet» these are sellers of counterfeit perfumes and pushy restaurant staff who want to lure foreign guests into their establishment. Tourists who turn away are often harassed or even verbally abused.

Although Antalya's tourism director has given his assurance that the police will intervene immediately in the event of such incidents, the problem persists. The chairman of Antalya's Chamber of Tourist Guides fears a loss of image for the city and is pushing for further measures.

«Unfortunately, we receive a lot of complaints», he says. «Of course, some measures have already been taken, but it is obvious that these are not enough.» There are already guides who change their route to avoid the aggressive traders.