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Swiss takes detours to avoid Israel, Iraq and Iran. Picture: TN

Swiss takes a detour to Asia

Following Iran's missile and drone attack on Israeli territory, all Swiss aircraft are avoiding the airspace of Iran, Iraq and Israel - which will result in delays.

Iran launched a retaliatory strike with drones and missiles against Israel on Sunday night after an increased threat had become apparent. According to the latest reports, the majority of the missiles were repelled.

The airstrikes are significantly affecting international air traffic. As a result, Swiss Airlines has made the decision to suspend all flights to and from Tel Aviv until further notice. Seven dedicated Swiss staff members stationed in Tel Aviv, responsible for aircraft maintenance and handling, remain at the forefront. "We maintain continuous communication with our team on the ground," reassures Swiss Airlines.

Delhi and Singapore flights with a stopover in Vienna

All Swiss aircraft are avoiding the airspace of Iran, Iraq and Israel. As a result, flights from Delhi (LX147) and Singapore (LX177) to Zurich will have longer flight routes ahead of them. Both flights will stop over and refuel in Vienna on their way to Zurich on Sunday morning. This means that they will arrive in Zurich with a delay of several hours.

At the same time as Swiss, other airlines such as Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, KLM and Qantas announced adjustments to their flight routes. The Australian carrier will have to make a stopover on the non-stop London - Perth route due to the necessary diversions.

At Swiss, connections to and from Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore, Delhi and Mumbai are affected. Delays are to be expected until 18 April for the time being.

Swiss suspends flights to Beirut up to and including 18 April

Following an analysis of the situation in the Middle East, Swiss has decided to suspend its flights to and from Beirut up to and including Thursday, 18 April. This specifically concerns the flight that was scheduled for Tuesday, 16 April. The airspace over Israel, Jordan and Iraq, which was closed from Saturday night to Sunday, has been reopened by the respective countries and Swiss aircraft can fly through this airspace again.

However, Swiss will continue to avoid Iranian airspace until Thursday. Flight operations to and from Tel Aviv will remain suspended at least until Monday, 15 April.