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Which suitcases are particularly popular with travellers? A new ranking provides information. Bild: Adobe Stock

These suitcase brands will be the most popular in 2024

The choice of suitcases and travel bags is huge and it's not easy to keep an overview in the jungle of products on offer. The Luggage Brand Index 2024 now offers guidance for your next suitcase purchase.

Many Swiss people are planning a trip over Easter or during the spring holidays. In addition to the right destination and great accommodation, the right suitcase also contributes to a successful trip.

Is it big enough for my holiday luggage? Does it roll smoothly over all kinds of surfaces? And does it also look good? These questions are decisive for many people when it comes to buying a suitcase.

It often helps to read reviews on the Internet beforehand to avoid making a mistake and save yourself a lot of hassle during the best time of the year. The luggage storage service provider Bounce also offers assistance with its Luggage Brand Index 2024.

Analysts have scoured online reviews and search queries and also checked which suitcases are mentioned particularly often and rated positively on the social media platform Instagram. These are the most popular suitcase brands in 2024:

1. Rimowa

Bounce selects the Cologne-based luxury suitcase brand Rimowa as the most popular suitcase brand of 2024. Its hard-shell suitcases made of aluminium with parallel grooves have become a trademark and status symbol at airports around the world. The brand scores 7.40 out of a maximum of 10 points. It ranks at the top of the customer reviews. Rimowa ranks third in the number of searches for "hand luggage" and "suitcase" respectively.

2. Samsonite

The cult suitcase brand Samsonite came in second place. It achieved 6.80 out of 10 points. The brand scored particularly well in search queries. It took first place in the "hand luggage" category and second place in the "suitcases" category. The customer ratings are not quite as good. Founded in Denver in 1910, the brand is known for its innovative luggage design with many practical functions. It also offers travel accessories such as toiletries.

3. Away

Away, a relatively new brand, makes it to third place in the ranking. The New York brand's hand luggage series went viral when it was launched because it offers a removable battery for charging mobile phones on the go. Away ranks 2nd ("hand luggage") and 4th ("suitcase") for search queries. The customer ratings, however, are mediocre.

What is remarkable about the ranking is that the most searched-for brands often receive rather poor customer ratings. This could have, at least in part, to do with the lack of value for money.

Alongside frontrunner Rimowa, the suitcases from British manufacturer Tripp, Berlin-based Horizn Studios and London-based Carl Friedrik received the best ratings from buyers.

Eastpak and The North Face came off worst in the customer ratings. The most expensive brands, Prada and Louis Vuitton, also received mixed reviews from customers, but scored particularly well because they are very Instagrammable.

For people looking for low price rather than a high-profile appearance on social media, two brands are particularly recommended: American Tourister and Victorinox offer the best value for money according to the Luggage Brand Index 2024.