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From May 2024, SBB will offer a train connection from Basel to Europa-Park and the Rulantica water world. Image: SBB

Travel direct to Europa-Park with the SBB

There is good news for Europa-Park fans who prefer to travel by public transport. As of 18 May 2024, SBB will be launching the Railcoaster, the first connection to the theme park.

SBB is launching train journeys to Europa-Park Rust from mid-May. Combi-tickets, which include admission and train travel, cost CHF 89 per person. The combined tickets for the Rulantica water park are five francs cheaper.

A direct train will run from Basel SBB to Ringsheim/Europa-Park. From there, passengers are taken to Europa-Park by bus shuttle. Alternatively, they can also be chauffeured to the Rulantica water world. The Railcoaster runs at all weekends and on selected public holidays.

A second-class combined ticket costs 89 francs, a first-class ticket ten francs more. In addition to the train journey, admission to Europa-Park is also included. Tickets for the Railcoaster are available now here and at all SBB points of sale. Tickets for the Rulantica water world are five francs cheaper. According to SBB, at least 300 tickets are available per journey.

The Railcoaster departs from Basel SBB at 7.33 am. At 9.05 a.m. the travellers are at the main entrance of Europa-Park. The return journey starts at 6.30 pm. Arrival in Basel SBB is at 8.27 pm. With this new leisure offer, SBB is intensifying its partnership with Europa-Park and setting an example for environmentally friendly mobility.