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Will the white alleyways of Paros soon be filled with even more tourists? The coming summer will tell. Picture: Adobe Stock

Set jetting: soon in Paros too?

The Greek island of Paros can be seen on the Netflix series "Two in a Day". Since the series was released, search requests for the charming Cycladic island have skyrocketed on Airbnb—and the island cannot be singled out.

Travelling to film and series locations, also known as "set-jetting", is a long-established holiday trend. This is shown time and again by globally analysed data from various booking portals such as Expedia and Airbnb, which compare current figures with booking enquiries from the previous year. Hotel and Airbnb bookings at the corresponding film locations skyrocket within a very short time after the start of a series or film. Following in the footsteps of your favourite characters or walking along the same paths: Visiting places that appear in films and series has become a trend.

Is Paros soon to be affected?

Set jetting may also hit the Greek island of Paros next summer. The small Cycladic island in the Aegean Sea is the setting for the 4th episode of the recently released mini-series "Zwei an einem Tag" (One day) on Netflix, which was the 5th most popular Swiss Netflix series at the beginning of March.

Following the release of the series, searches for Paros on Airbnb increased by 32 per cent. The small Greek island has often been overlooked and overshadowed by its better-known neighbours, but Airbnb data shows that this may be about to change.

Paros is home to picturesque villages with Cycladic charm. Paros is characterised by pretty white buildings, narrow cobbled streets and a lively waterfront with tavernas and cafés. In ancient times, Paros was known for its quarries of white marble, known as Parian marble. The island's main harbour, which is located in the capital Parikia, can be seen in the series, as well as various beaches on the island and the harbour of Naoussa. The other scenes were filmed in Rome, London and Edinburgh.

Other films and series that (will) use set jetting

After the first two seasons of "The White Lotus" aired, interest in travelling to Hawaii and Sicily increased by 300 percent. After the start of the series "Wednesday", Expedia observed a 150 per cent increase in searches for hotels in Romania. The third season of "Emily in Paris" led to a 200 per cent increase in searches for hotels in Paris. In the coming year, there are several film and series releases may well be set-jetting destinations. Here are a few examples:

  • Thailand: Third season of "The White Lotus"
  • Malta: "Gladiator 2"
  • Paris: fourth season of "Emily in Paris"
  • Scotland: final season of "Outlander"
  • London, Bath and Windsor in Great Britain: New "Bridgerton" and "The Crown" seasons
  • South Korea: second season of "Squid Game"
  • Florida and the Bahamas: "Bad Monkey"
  • Australia: Mad Max prequel "Furiosa"