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Passenger flights are to resume at Salerno Airport from July 2024. Image: Gesac

The Amalfi Coast will soon have its own airport

The airport in Salerno in southern Italy is being given a new lease of life. From next summer, regular passenger flights are to take place for the first time. The Spanish airline Volotea is leading the way and other airlines are likely to follow suit.

The Amalfi Coast is one of the most popular vacation regions in Italy. Surrounded by high, evergreen mountains, the region's picturesque coastal towns are real gems; Sorrento, Positano and Ravello, to name but a few.

The problem: the journey from Switzerland can be arduous, taking around twelve hours by car. By train, the journey can be completed in around ten hours at best - including two changes.

The nearest airport is currently in Naples. From there, it is two hours by train or one and a half hours by car to Amalfi, for example. However, this will change next summer when the Amalfi Coast gets its own airport in Salerno.

Flights start in July

The Aeroporto di Salerno-Costa d'Amalfi is due to open in July, as reported by the newspaper "Il Post". The former military airport has existed for almost a century but has never been used for passenger flights. Almost 260 million euros (around 245 million Swiss francs) are now being spent on renovating the Aeroporto di Salerno-Costa d'Amalfi.

The expansion plans envisage that the airport will be able to handle up to six million passengers per year by 2046. It will have new operating areas and a new passenger terminal, due to be completed by 2027.

Spanish airline Volotea will be the first airline to serve Salerno Airport. The first flight is planned for July 11, 2024 and will fly to the French city of Nantes. Two days later, Volotea will, for the first time, also connect the Sardinian capital of Cagliari. Flights to Catania and Verona will also follow from September. Two flights per week are planned for all four connections.