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New visitor magnet in Athens: Ellinikon Park. All pictures: Lamda Developments / Dimitris Spyrou

The latest must-see in Athens

The Ellinikon Adventure Park in the middle of the ancient urban jungle allows city travelers to take a break and cool off.

Green spaces in the urban jungle are not only beautiful to look at, but also provide cooling shade and store carbon. This idea was put into practice in the Ellinikon project in Athens, one of the largest urban development projects in the world.

The two million square meter area was designed by architecture firm Doxiadis+, and is built on the site of the historic airport. It will be the first publicly accessible part of Ellinikon Park, the largest coastal park in Europe, boasting over a million new native trees and plants.

This will almost double the number of green spaces per inhabitant in Athens in the future. The Ellinikon adventure park attracted over a million visitors in less than a year. In addition to various plant species and shady trees, visitors can enjoy water labyrinths, Zen gardens, sustainable playgrounds and outdoor fitness facilities.

At the heart of the park is the Ellinikon Experience Centre, an impressive visitor center that presents the vision of the future city of Ellinikon and has become a popular destination in Athens. The first interactive exhibition for an urban development project shows how the developers of Ellinikon LAMDA Developments envision a smart city. Visitors can learn more about the key objectives and features of Ellinikon through exciting installations that appeal to all the senses. There will be five themed areas, three times the size of Monaco.