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In Bremen's city center - in the middle of the market square with a view of Dom St. Petri. Image: Adobe Stock

To Bremen, Cluj and Košice

Swiss is expanding its 2024 summer flight schedule from Zurich with some attractive new short-haul European destinations. And from Geneva, the north beckons.

It's worth taking a look at the extended Swiss flight schedule when planning your 2024 vacation. Because some new destinations are appearing.

From the end of March, Swiss will be flying daily from Zurich to Bremen, a destination already served in winter. Bremen has a charming old town, historic sights such as the Bremen Roland statue and the Town Musicians, a lively cultural scene and a Bundesliga football club in Werder. Its location on the Weser and the shopping and dining options make the city an attractive summer destination.

Košice in Slovakia and Cluj-Napoca in Romania are also new additions to the summer timetable. Košice, the second largest city in Slovakia, is characterized by a rich cultural heritage and impressive architecture. As the center of eastern Slovakia, it attracts visitors with a lively art and music scene as well as a multitude of historical sights.

Cluj-Napoca is the second largest city in Romania and is known for its rich history and cultural diversity, among other things. Swiss serves both Cluj and Košice three times a week. Swiss is also increasing the number of flights from Zurich to various European cities, including Alicante, Madrid, Naples, Venice and Vilnius.

From Geneva to the north

Swiss will be flying from Geneva to Oslo for the first time this summer. The Norwegian capital impresses with its mix of modern architecture, green parks and cultural highlights such as the opera house. It also attracts visitors with its proximity to nature, including fjords and forests, and offers a lively gastronomic scene.

Swiss now also flies to the Scandinavian cities of Copenhagen and Stockholm in summer. Copenhagen fascinates with a mixture of modern Scandinavian design, historic architecture and a relaxed atmosphere by the water. Stockholm boasts a picturesque location on 14 islands, historic old town streets and well-preserved royal palaces.

Swiss passengers can also choose from even more flights to Athens, Brindisi, Brussels, Catania, Málaga, Palma and Valencia from Geneva next summer.