English Corner

English Corner Overcrowded carriages, delayed or cancelled trains and missing compartments: Many travellers have unpleasant experiences with night trains. Railway experts sharply criticise the current situation. The railway companies vow to improve.

English Corner To kick off the weekend, the Rigi attracts visitors every second Friday evening from June to October with small cultural and culinary highlights. From 5 pm, mountain railway tickets are available at a special price and extra trains run until late.

English Corner In the future, Swiss travelers will be able to spend up to 60 days in Thailand without a visa, thanks to a recent decision by the Thai government. This visa relaxation, which also benefits travelers from many other countries, aims to boost tourism.

English Corner In the upcoming weeks, many public viewings will be offering live broadcasts of the European Football Championship in Germany. The calendar of events is also well-filled. We present ten recommended events taking place in Switzerland in June.